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Products of BP TOUCH are touch-sensitive glasses, designed according to infrared technology of high quality and with the best accuracy.

In 2014 SPETSGROUP Ltd became the first company in Ukraine, which began to produce a line of 17 inches IR glasses for self-service terminals.

Already in January 2015 the company entered into the global market, it has allowed to consolidate the position by providing a worthy alternative to European and American manufacturers.

Touch screen panels of BPTOUCH TM

have been applied in the following segments



Shopping Centers
and Stores


in detail
No matter how complicated or easy a touch screen panel seems to be, it consists only of 6 basic elements, but a long technological process is hidden behind them.

A ray creates an infrared grid, which is interrupted by the slightest touch of a fingertip or any lightproof object to locate the tactile contact.

The grid consists of horizontal and vertical rays.It can be interrupted by the touch of any lightproof object.

A rapid detection of a tactile object (finger) is one of the many advantages of using infrared technology.

РA frame of the touch-sensitive glass is equipped with radiation sources and its receivers. The radiation source are light-emitting-diode objects and receiver is photodiode, which detects the interruption in the grid and transmits it to the system. When you touch the screen, the signal from the photodiode passes to the controller, which converts it into exact coordinates.


There is no need

for additional software

The BP TOUCH product consists of the following elements:

plastic frame


tempered glass


aluminum profile

USB cable

BPTOUCH 17" specifications:

+Trasparence: 95%

+Response time (typical): 16ms

+Drag-and-drop (moving objects): yes

+Operating voltage: 4.5 - 5.5V

+Operating Current: 180 mA

+Storage temperature: -40 - + 70 C

+Operating temperature: -20 - + 70 C

+Protection against damage: protection from scratches

+Protection against external light interference: high

+Protection against electromagnetic interference: high

+Dustproof: high

+Water resistance: high

+Reaction to the press: any object more than 3-4mm

+Calibration: not required

+Service life:> 7 years

+Color distortion: small

+Reflection: small

+Screen frame length: 384,00 mm

+Screen frame width: 320,00 mm

+Screen frame height: 12,00 mm

+Screen glass height: 6.00 mm

+Thickness of the aluminum frame: 1.00 mm

+The front side of the screen frame (material): plastic

+The flip side of the frame (material): aluminum

+Weight: 1,850 kilograms

+USB cable is included

Cost Calculation

Specify the number of units

Total payable: 75$ / UAH.

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Worth mentioning

The production cycle is strictly controlled and it allows excluding defective goods.

Our company manufactures touch screens for specific tasks, as a rule. We take into account the wishes of our clients, special characteristics of their order and complete the assigned tasks in the best possible way.

Following Features of Glass:
1 Moisture, Dirt and Dust Protection;
2 Suitable for crowded places because
of riot-resistant glass;
3 Good lighting is not required;
4 It operates effectively in spite of external factors;
5 Can be managed by any ready-to-hand thing;
6 Suitable for many types of monitors,
it does not need to be calibrated;
7 Resistance to electromagnetic waves;
8 Easy to connect using USB-port;
9 High safety and long service life
(over 8 years).